Terms & Conditions

Time.Limo & it’s affiliates or sister concerning companies and or DBA’s do not guarantee a booking or the availability of vehicles if the client is making a reservation less than 12 Hours in advance or for the same day as their flight. We urge the customers to call or text at +17327425072 to check for availability. We are not responsible for any damages incurred by the customers due to Time.Limo failure to execute any of the transportation services as promised. If such a situation arises when the customer’s damages are limited to the unused value of the ticket that was purchased from us. Further, Time.Limo is not accountable for any belongings that are left behind by the client, in or out of the vehicle. If you do forget something in a vehicle, please call our office straight away so that we can try to locate it for you. The client takes full financial liability for any damages inflicted to the vehicle by them or any members of their party, whether willfully or accidentally, in the duration of their ride.


NO Cancellations for Pick UP and drop off at the airports within twenty one days of scheduled pick up , There are NO Same day Cancellations , The Company is not responsible for delayed arrivals or departures to and from any airports. The company and its affiliates are only responsible for the Time the ride is scheduled. Anytime, The ride time is changed and goes beyond the contracted time , The customer will be charged one dollar and ninety nine cents per minute. Whether, You are at the airport or delay departure due to unforeseen or unforeseeable future , the company will count that as a NO SHOW , Which means you will be charged hundred percent of the fare + time accrual. Companies policy is that if you reschedule the reservation even if it’s the same day that reservation will be counted as new reservation and you are responsible for full fare of the new reservation. The company is not responsible for ACTs of GOD or natural hazard as it schedules the resources made available to you and that are blocked from being booked in the time slot based on availability.

For Weddings, Proms, state to state rides and Proms along with Corporate rides scheduled in advance have to be cancelled 6 MONTHS prior to pick up date. You “The Customer.” Will be fully charged if you cancel the ride within the specified time.

Company mentioned here in as “ Time.Limo and it’s affiliates.” Is not responsible for delayed flights , tarmac or baggage related issued. Billing will start from the time stated and agreed on your reservation and will end and be billed in addition to the point of drop off destination.

However, it is in companies discretion that refund of up to fifty percent be given In rare situations as a good will gesture and NOT on contractual basis.

Online reservations will have variances added such as base fare, Weekend surcharge, Late Night or early morning surcharge. There is a four percent credit card fee also added to the total along with Tolls.

At Airports we give fifteen free minutes from the time of scheduled contracted pick up time. After which the time accrual has to be paid in full by clients and any other fees such as extra parking at airports etc.

We are not responsible for missed/canceled/ diverted passenger flights or trains, or any other incident which causes your failure to comply with the required cancellation policy. If you do not inform us about any delays or cancellations and if we are unable to make any contact with the registered contact person even after waiting for 15 minutes from the scheduled pick-up time, then the ride will be deemed as a no-show and will be discarded. So make sure that you are on time at the designated pick-up location or notify us regarding any change to your Time.Limo reservation, as it might result in a no- show charge, equal to the full fare of the trip plus all other charges.

For payments made through credit cards, the clients are to provide the card details ahead of time for the pre-approval process. This is requested just to avoid fraudulence and is not the payment for the trip. When making a reservation with a credit or debit card, a preliminary charge equivalent to 150% of the quoted fare is placed on the card to secure the estimated total with trip charges, tolls, parking, gratuity, additional stops, additional time and off-hour surcharge. The balance amount is released after the total fare is calculated for the rendered Time.Limo service.

Time.Limo sedans and luxury sedans have room for no more than 4 adult passengers with 3 standard size luggage, while our SUV can accommodate up to 6 passengers with 6 standard size luggage. The client accepts this passenger capacity of the vehicles at the time of reservation and has to ensure that it shall not exceed. Time.Limo the right to terminate the trip without any reimbursement in case of the client’s non-compliance with the set limit.

Time.Limo ensures to maintain and protect the customer’s privacy. Any and all personal information registered or provided to us is used only for reservation and billing purposes and is not passed on, traded or sold to third parties. Additionally, we use the latest encrypted secure server for our payment gateways, to provide the best Limo Service in NJ by ensuring a safe online transaction for our customers and make sure that no duplicity, identity theft or fraud occurs. All transactions are in US dollars.